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May 31, 2019

Two months ago from this day, the City of Virginia Beach was changed forever. In the early afternoon of Friday, May 31, 2019 the Municipal Center bustled about as usual, not aware that a disgruntled employee would open fire within building 2, changing the lives of many forever.

Many of us still remember where we were when we heard the news, the sorrow we felt for our fellow citizens and how confused we were, asking why this was happening and when we would know the extent of the damage done, the amount of lives lost as we reached out to loved ones to ensure they were out of harm's way. But unfortunately, twelve innocent individuals fell victim and succumbed to their wounds that horrific day. Let us forever remember their names, their faces and the impact that they had on all the lives they touched..

In addition to those twelve lives taken, there were several others injured who were transported to the hospital for treatment, including a city police officer. We ask that you please continue to keep those individuals and their loved ones in your thoughts as they continue on their long journey to recovery.


While as first responders are trained to respond to mass casualty incidents, we pray that we may never have to do so. Here at Davis Corner, we wanted to take a moment and say that

each first responder for the City of Virginia Beach acted with immense professionalism. Remaining calm and composed, our responders rendering care to those whom fell victim to this day, both physically and emotionally.

In the evening hours following the incident, our captain had a few words to share with our community, along with our first responder brothers and sisters as we all reflected and mourned the tragedy that had just taken place.

“Tonight is a night that will rest heavy on our shoulders and hearts here in the City of Virginia Beach. Thank you to all of those brothers and sisters that responded to the incident at the municipal center and those who continued to answer the calls for service around the city. The leadership team at Davis Corner asks that you take a moment out of your time and say a prayer for all of those involved either directly or indirectly. This is going to be a long recovery for the families, coworkers, first responders, dispatchers and countless other employees, friends and family members. This is a horrific incident and we will all be recovering together.” - Demetrius Devore | Davis Corner Vol. Rescue Squad Captain

We will forever honor and remember the victims, as well as continue to support and care for all of whom held them dear to their hearts. If you would like to know how you can help continue to show support for those affected, such as the victims families, coworkers and first responders - visit Support VB Strong and United Way VB Tragedy Fund.

To the City of Virginia Beach - we have not forgotten, nor will we forget the tragedy that happened on May 31st, 2019. We will all continue to answer the call, big or small, to serve this city.

To our brothers and sisters who responded on May 31st and continue to respond alongside us to serve this resilient city - we thank you, the city thanks you.

We are all VB Strong.

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