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The Ladies Auxiliary to the Davis Corner Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1958 with an initial membership of approximately fifteen.  Its membership was composed mainly of wives of the volunteer firefighters.  During that first year the Auxiliary began holding very popular Teen Dances on Saturday nights on the second floor of the fire station. 


The Auxiliary also held street dances at Aragona Shopping Center to kick-off the annual fund drive and adult dances, bingo parties, and spaghetti dinners.  Profits were split between the auxiliary and the fire department.  Many other projects were supported, including the March of Dimes, the Heart Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and a neighborhood girl who needed to have her leg amputated due to cancer. 


Over the years the Ladies Auxiliary donated money to the department to black-top the front of the Davis Street building, donated $1500 toward the purchase of a new ambulance in 1959, paid for first aid supplies, items for the kitchen, and coveralls for the rescue duty crew.

Beginning in 1965 a girl from the dances was crowned annually as Miss Davis Corner.  Candidates solicited “votes” at a penny each. Miss Davis Corner and the Ladies Auxiliary participated in the Annual Peach Festival at Knotts Island, NC. 


The Auxiliary was the communication link to the men who did not have a monitor, calling them by phone when the station was dispatched to a fire call.  The Ladies also brought food and drink to the station and to the scene of working incidents.


Eventually the name of the organization was changed to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Davis Corner Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc.  The Auxiliary was a member of the Virginia State Ladies Auxiliary to the Virginia State Firemen’s Association and the Virginia State Ladies Auxiliary to the Virginia Rescue Squad Association (now the VAVRS—Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads).   Auxiliary members Virginia Spencer and Jan Williams both served as President for the Virginia State Fire Association Ladies Auxiliary.


In 1966 the Ladies stole into the kitchen during the December business meeting and left a surprise of Christmas goodies.  This annual “surprise” continued every year thereafter until the Auxiliary disbanded in 2001.

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